Convert MYOB to QuickBooks

Tips to Convert transaction Data from MYOB to QuickBooks Conversion

Once you decide to migrate MYOB to QuickBooks and have all the files set up, the next thing you need to do is transfer your previous Accounting data into the software.One of the first things that you should do is create a backup from until today. If in case something goes to wrong, you do not want the data to be damaged. Once the data is backed up, you would need to export all the transactions from the MYOB to text files. This can be done by selecting “File” and then choosing “Export Data”. You would get a list of all the types of transactions, choose the ones you wish to transfer.

You can convert both transactions as well as general entries. Along with that, you would be able to export accounts receivable like Item Sales, Money Received, Service Sales, Misc. Sales, Professional Sales, and time billing sales. If we look at the accounts payable, you would be able to convert purchases, money spent, services purchased, misc. Purchased, item purchases, and professional purchases.

Once this data is transferred to a text format, then it needs to be exported to excel and tidied up a bit. Once you have everything in order, it is ready to be imported into your newly installed QuickBooks software. once you completed conversion services from MYOB to Quickbooks conversion then you can continue with Quickbooks accounting services who can help you in manage you in manage complete business financial services.

MYOB to QuickBooks Conversion:

We can Convert the following MYOB lists and transactions to QuickBooks Online, Premier or Pro QuickBooks Editions.

  • MYOB Client List to QuickBooks
  • MYOB Employee List to QuickBooks
  • MYOB Vendor List to QuickBooks
  • MYOB Item List to QuickBooks
  • MYOB Chart of Accounts to QuickBooks Chart of Accounts Conversion

QuickBooks Transaction Types Conversion:

  • MYOB Invoices to QuickBooks
  • MYOB Sales Receipts to QuickBooks
  • MYOB Vendor Credits to QuickBooks
  • MYOB Credit Card Charges to QuickBooks
  • MYOB Item Receipts to QuickBooks

If the data that you wish to transfer spans over a few years, it would be advisable to break it in chunks of a few weeks. Since this is an extremely time-consuming process, you can take the help of outsourcing partners like My Accounts Consultant. My Accounts consultant will help you arrange the data as you want, along with it would also train you on how making the most efficient use of the Accounting software at the most affordable cost! Contact us for know more about our services.

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