How it Work

One of the most persistent worries that clients have while outsourcing their financial services to a provider is

  • Whether they have the right structure, resources, experience, ethics, and expertise to provide improved results?
  • What is the work methodology tailed by the outsourcing company, and if they can expect better outcomes or not?
  • MAC is one of the foremost outsourcing services providers of Online Accounting and Bookkeeping Services. We follow an efficient 6 stage outsourcing accounting process to make sure that our services are delivered right on time at most competitive rates.

    Processing Online Accounting Services

Stage 1

You fill the inquiry form: We have an easy to fill the form to allow us to get your details for faster and more easier communication. These include your name, business name (for businesses), contact details, nature of the services you would outsource.

The client relations team calls or emails you: We have a team working around the clock, and we guarantee the fastest response after you contact us. Our representatives are highly experienced accountants and are keen to listen to the client to understand their needs and provide the best solutions.


Stage 2

Understanding of requirements: We work diligently to understand your business and your business needs before suggesting a working plan. Our goal is to deliver custom accounting and bookkeeping solutions that suit your business, and this is only possible if we listen to you.

Ballpark estimate (if possible): In most cases, our client’s representative will provide a rough estimate or approximation based on the services you need. We endeavor to provide a view that falls within the actual range to help our clients start planning early.

Proposal (if required): Our team prepares and presents a comprehensive proposal for the project based on the client’s request. We include all details about the outsourced services, the costs, timeline, and everything else the client needs.

Approval to go ahead: After submitting the proposal, our team will discuss it with the client, and if approved, it is all system go. We set out the rules of engagement from the beginning to facilitate better collaboration between our team and your business.

Stage 3

  • Confirm pricing: We appreciate that pricing is the most sensitive issue in outsourcing, and that’s why we advise our clients to understand all the details. We discuss all aspects of the pricing throughout our partnership to avoid any problems along the way.

  • Contracting & SLA sign-off: Once the pricing and all other aspects of engagement, including SLA have been sorted, our team and the client sign the contract. We propose a transparent contract developed in mutual trust for the best working relationship

Sign Contract
Set Up

Stage 4

  • Resource deployment & training: Once the contract signing is complete, we commence on resource mobilization and implementation to ensure everything needed is in place. We identify the experts to work with the client and all other resources required for the contract. We embark on training both teams for the project for a harmonious working relationship.

  • Project kick-off meeting: After training, we organize a project-kick-off meeting with everyone who shall be working on this project. It is a familiarization get-together where we discuss objectives, terms of engagement, communication channels, among other things.

Stage 5

  • Project execution & management: We start work on the project to achieve the objectives set by the team. Our team is highly experienced in financial projects, and we use our expertise to ensure everything moves like clockwork.

  • On-going reporting & feedback: As the project continues, we use the identified channels for real-time reporting and feedback with the client. Through ongoing reporting, we allow for any changes to guarantee the best outcomes. Our clients stay in the know throughout the project, and this has helped us build lasting relationships.


Stage 6

  • Work delivery to the client: After completion of the project, we call for a meeting with the client for the delivery of the work done. Our team discusses the project report against the contract goals. We tick against all the tasks required to ensure client satisfaction.

  • Client feedback and review: After work delivery, we invite client feedback, which not only helps us review our service delivery but also improves our future projects. We are always learning from client feedback and improve any areas of weakness identified in a completed project.

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