QuickBooks for Small Business

How Will Quickbooks For Small Business Be In The Future

If we look around, we will see that a global economy that hugely supports small businesses is emerging. Most customer demands are changing rapidly, and it is the startups that spring up to meet these demands. Intuit Inc. partnered with Emergent Research and has launched a report titled “ Quickbooks For Small Business ”. If we look at the report, these are the things that have come up that will give the SMEs and the startups and edge: Better infrastructure, high-quality data mining, increasing niche talent pool, growth of B2B online trade, as well as efficient and targeted online marketing. We are also able to observe that the report also shows that there would be an estimated increase of 12 million new small scale business by the year 2026. Which basically means that new business will grow by 3.3% each year. Which is a 1.3% increase over the average growth rate that was seen from the year 2004?

Karen Peacock, who is a senior vice president of small businesses at Intuit has said:

“This next decade will be the decade of the small business. Industry-shifting trends like lower-cost, scalable infrastructure to start and grow your business, the ability to build a team with amazing on-demand talent, and data that help you fuel your business and delight your customers are game-changers. At QuickBooks, we are committed to helping small businesses navigate these trends and be successful in a rapidly changing world.”

Since the technology that has been developed in recent years is such that the number of startups can take advantage of as they offer the services at much-reduced costs, the overall cost of starting and operating a small scale business has gone down considerably with QuickBooks for small business. One such software is Quickbooks. Quickbooks Bookkeeping Services has been created keeping in mind the special needs of the small scale businesses. Now even the small scale businesses can make use of cloud computing at a fraction of the cost.

So far the future of small business looks quite rosy, thanks to Quickbooks! Contact us to know more about Quickbooks Bookkeeping Services.

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