Why Outsource Bookkeeping?




Why Outsource Bookkeeping?

The world is flat. Think globally. Sure, you have heard those buzzwords these days.

But something is holding you back from Outsourcing Bookkeeping Services away from your small or medium business, isn’t it? Well, outsourcing your bookkeeping tasks puts you at risks such as:

  • The hired labor only does the minimum required tasks
  • Your project might be assigned to unskilled accountants
  • The employees are not available when needed the most. Significant time zone differences and language barriers sometimes cause quite a headache.
  • High employee turnover rate. Delays and smaller profit margins are the cost of reassigning an accountant to your ledger.

As a Prodigious Accounting Servicing Company that has done numerous projects on-site and off-sites, we are proud to say that outsourcing can outperform traditional, full-time employment if you follow appropriate guidelines.

01 – Standardized Customer Services
We guarantee the level of service that your company expects, on time, and with the best efficiency. We standardize the way our accountants work so that you receive perpetual service and quality. Our quality assurance team monitors every single task to maintain the highest level of service and assistance.

02 – Flexibility
My Accounts Consultant has the manpower and technology for adapting to the ever-changing world. Name any customization you need, be it a new taxation form, extra working hours, new accounting software, we will learn and perform the tasks until it meets the requirement.

03 – Reliability
Maximum safety in the handling of information on customers, and the operation of its services, because The Bookkeeping Services has state of the art technology, daily database back-up, and always in close touch with your company no matter where you are stationed.

04 – Permanent Technological Innovation
We update our systems technology continuously and customers’ requests. Ten years ago, our customers used QuickBooks Desktop version and Excel files, nowadays they are looking for cloud computing solutions. We must update ourselves, normally one step ahead.

05 – Management Reports
Our customers receive reports regularly. With these reports, your company can make strategic decisions; and our Quality Assurance team has close eyes on every aspect of the service.

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