5 Critical Success Factors for Restaurant Business

Success Factors for Restaurant Business

Today my Blog will be less “numbery” and show a bigger picture of critical success factors for restaurant owners. Below listed 5 restaurant success factors every restaurant must excel at in order to be successful. I hope it will be of value to you especially if you are just at the beginning of your restaurant adventure.

As stated by the MAC, a business accounting intelligence agency, there are 5 fundamental success factors specific to restaurant industry. If you succeed in those 5 factors you are guaranteed to have a very successful restaurant. Restaurant Accounting Services helps you in manage your Resturennt financial.

Top 5 Restaurant Business success Factors

Access to niche markets

You don’t want to be a jack of all trades, or offer food that is already offered by the majority of restaurants in your area. Pick a distinct and unusual cuisine, and corner the market on that product, and cultural experience. Research is a critical success factor here for your niche choice, and it is vital to check what is currently trending. Always look outside your area for this – You live in a small city? Check what is trending in the nearest big city. You live in a big city? Check what is trending in the big cities of USA. It’s only a matter of time before people in your area will want to join those already sampling new flavours from the different cultures of the world.

Effective quality control

You must always strive for the best quality of service and product. Without the right systems in place it is easy to make a mistake. Remember – it only takes one bad experience to damage your reputation. How can you ensure that your service and food is of the highest quality possible? One critical success factor for restaurant quality control is the mystery shopper. Regularly have a “secret customer” come to your restaurant and report on the quality of the food and service and its consistency. Another critical success factor for restaurant quality is effective training for new staff. Job manuals are very important in every business. Not only will it ensure that tasks are performed to the same quality and effect no matter who is performing them, but it also gives you the flexibility to leave your business to others once it is set up. As a bonus, your employees will then have a reference if they are unsure on a practice or policy in the way your business is conducted.

Access to multiskilled and flexible workforce

It is already hard to find a skilled and motivated staff, something which may become even harder after COVID-19. It is good to have access to the pool of workforce at any given time to reduce the cost of hiring and reduce any interruptions to your everyday business. There are plenty of recruitment agencies that specialise in hiring for the hospitability industry. The best solution for you would be to do your own research and pick the one which focuses on factors beyond candidates past experience and their salary requirements.

Having a loyal customer base

This guarantees good cash flow management as well as plenty of word of mouth recommendations. So how can you build such a base? First you need to reach out to your potential customers. Then provide exceptional service. Finally foster your relationship with them, try to recognize returning customers, and make them feel special. The first and the last point in the process can be accomplished with the use of online marketing. Have a newsletter, facebook page and website through which you can communicate. Write blogs and let your customers know about promotions. If you are struggling with doing it yourself simply hire someone to do it for you on a part time basis. Don’t know where to start?

Effective cost controls

Make sure each portion you serve is of the same size. Also, make sure that every item in your menu is costed and updated on a regular basis. At MAC we help our customers cost their menu and set appropriate cost controls. In addition, as part of our ongoing service, we provide weekly sales reports showing sales margins, weekly menu analysis telling you which items in your menu underperform and monthly management reports showing a detailed performance of your restaurant as a whole. Thanks to those services you can easily keep an eye on your costs and be sure you keep your margins high.

There are of course more factors that you could consider in order to have a successful restaurant. However, the critical success factors for restaurant business development described above are the most important. Make sure you are focusing on them and the future of your restaurant will be bright.

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