Pricing Structure for MAC Accounting Services

Affordable pricing with hassle free performance is the motto at MyaccountsConsultant. We offer 3 pricing models for our clients to select whichever they feel best to work with.


Charging a total fee for each task based on the number of hours it takes to complete. This model is suitable for startups and small businesses with less volume of work. If you need less than 20 hours of work in a week the price will be as per our standards $10/hours. If the weekly hours are within 21-30 the price will decrease by 20-30% depending on agreement.

Monthly fixed:

The benefit here is that you don’t get billed for every small task and work separately. This model is perfect for companies who need weekly or monthly financial position of their company. If you willing to work on fixed monthly terms, we can offer up to 50 hours each month at the cost of $350 per month. The cost may differ depending upon the complexity and volume.

Project fixed:

This model is most suited for one of jobs, where you know your exact requirements. For example Year End Accounts, Tax Returns, previous year’s Bookkeeping or other necessary filings. The cost for this model can only be provided after looking into the details of tasks and requirements.

Dedicated support:

We provide dedicated staff to work for the client; they are managed by the clients directly. We will directly put you in contact with the person responsible and a complete work report will be provided to you on last Friday of each month. The cost for dedicated staff at the entry level will be $700 per month, more specific price can be provided after the review and discussion. If you need more accurate quote for your requirements, kindly Contact us by filling this simple form and our executive will get in touch with you within few hours.

We also provide cost effective migration services. You should simply give your records to us, and we will return with changed over information. We comprehend that the data that you give to us is business insider facts, so we ensure that only the people who are authorized will be handling your data.