The Top Credit Cards for Grocery Shopping

best grocery credit card

One of the main expenses every home must regularly pay for is grocery shopping. For the typical American household, annual grocery shop spending comes around $7500. This is why credit cards for grocery stores should be chosen with the intention of letting the customer pay part of those massive checks and earn good rates. This will allow you to obtain money back in his/her pocket and recover a percentage of what you spend at the grocery.

We will go over the top grocery credit cards in this blog post to optimize your rewards:

Amazon supplied this card, known as the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card.

The Amazon Prime Rewards card has an advantage, though, in that it offers 5% back at Whole Foods and – and for Prime members exclusively – without yearly fees. For individuals who often order things from Amazon and Whole Foods especially, this can mount up.

You earn 5% back for the first USD 12,000 you spend annually with Amazon and Whole Foods; 2% back at restaurants, petrol stations, and drugstores; everywhere else, you get 1%. Furthermore noteworthy is the fact that the 5% Amazon category includes digital downloads and subscriptions. The 5% discount mounts up if you are a regular Amazon buyer of household appliances, electronics, clothes, or other goods.

If you possess an Amazon Prime membership, your annual charge on the card is $0. Foreign transaction fees are not included on this card so that cardholders may collect the benefits when on travel abroad.

Among the top cash-back credit cards available now is an American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card.

One of the greatest supermarket credit cards available with great cashback incentives is this one For the first $6000 on the purchase, it entitles you to 6% cash back in the American supermarkets; 1% thereafter. This translates, at most, to a $360 annual return from food purchases.

On some U.S. streaming subscriptions, the card provides 6% cash back; on transit, petrol stations, ride-hailing services, taxis, parking, and more; and 1% on other purchases. Additionally, there are $95 yearly service fees. Another is that, when you make purchases with this card, the benefits of Amex Offers reward you from some merchants; there is also no foreign cost.

Custom Cash Card for City Use

In addition, the Citi Custom Cash Card features bonus categories designed to fit the spending patterns of the cardholder, therefore enabling the cardholder to receive 5% cash back for the total spent on the category most likely to show the most spending during the billing cycle, up to $500 monthly. For many families, it would be fairly clear that grocery stores belong in the 5% category. It also lets you quickly switch it to meet the demands of the spend with gas stations, restaurants, drug stores, or as otherwise needed.

Apart from the 5% cash back category that the customer can choose, the Citi Custom Cash Card provides 1% cash back on all other purchases for the remaining expenditure. The credit cards the company issues have no yearly fees. We came into a somewhat handy solution: cash in the rebates for gift certificates good for usage at Macy & Co., Best Buy, Amazon, and a few other businesses.

Designed by Capital One, the Savor One Rewards Credit Card offers outstanding cash back for food and grocery shopping, basics, and streaming services.

The annual cost is not Along with grocery retailers, the Capital One Savor One card offers an unlimited 3% cash back in the sub-categories with generally broad dining and entertainment. Although the total benefits here may not be very great, you will also earn 1% back on other purchases. Still, there is promise here.

Beyond groceries, the dining area is broad and consists of several delivery options including food and other services like Netflix and Disney Plus, which makes it easy to maximize. Anytime, you can enjoy credit towards your statement or cash back without restrictions.

The material above is for your knowledge; the author does not personally endorse it for any particular commercial use. Consumers should make sure they compare the several cards sufficiently if they are to choose the appropriate card for them depending on the activities of the card and their economic level. This is where a good grocery credit card helps most since it lessens the impact the next time you have to buy food and other essential home goods.

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