Zoho Books vs QuickBooks Online

Zoho Books vs QuickBooks Online: Which is Right For You?

Most of the business owners have various questions on which accounting software is the best for use. For some its QuickBooks, some say its Zoho Books. Well, this article will clear all your confusion and state why QuickBooks is better than Zoho books and some Comparison between them, so you have a clear idea about Zoho Books vs. QuickBooks Online: Which is Best For You?

Zoho Books vs. QuickBooks Online Feature:

1. More features

QuickBooks allows you to make critical business decisions as you can check your health status anytime and anywhere. This will enable you to forecast a decision. Furthermore, you can pay your necessary bills with the help of debit card, credit card, and ACH. with the help of QuickBooks you can manage your Business financial services with QuickBooks Bookkeeping Services.

2.Integrated card and Payroll Processing:

Zoho does not have this feature. With the help of payroll processing feature, you can directly pay or hire employees with a click of a button. The same thing goes for credit card processing. When you want to receive a payment from the customer, click a button will do it. Zoho needs an application to do this, but quick has this inbuilt feature.

3. One Stop Destination:

With this accounting software, everything is done with ease. Workflows are kept smooth with QuickBooks. For an instant, if an employee a raise a sum which is higher than $15000 the QuickBooks software will update you. Furthermore, when people compare Zoho books to QuickBooks in terms of permissions and users section, QuickBooks appears to be a winner. Zoho offers only 9 users + one accountants whereas QuickBooks offers 5 users coupled with two accountants.

4. Customer invoicing

5. Create estimates

6. Track bills & vendor credits

7. Connect bank/credit card accounts

8. Accept online payments

9. Create purchase orders

10. Track employee & contractor time

Compare Zoho Books vs. Quickbooks Online:

Zoho Books QuickBooks
The payment gateway is complicated The payment gateway is easy
The limited number of users Offers several numbers of users
You need an application for payroll processing The inbuilt feature supports payroll processing

From the above statements, when Zoho Books vs. QuickBooks online is compared then QuickBooks appears to be a clear winner since it has a simple user interface and no additional account knowledge is needed to run this software.

Contact Us Here, and If are you still confused about the between Zoho Books and QuickBooks online, We can help you in choosing the best accounting software for your business as per your business requirement.

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